Our Business Model

Hedgehog believes that the best approach to hosting involves the host working in close partnership with the client to develop a customized solution that meets their individual needs. Too often in this industry, clients' needs are sacrificed in favor of rapid growth and mass standardization.

Our clients' needs are straightforward:
Reliable, uninterrupted, worry-free hosting. And. Reasonable pricing for the services provided.
Reliable Hosting

To provide reliable hosting, Hedgehog utilizes private cages at a leading datacenter, allowing us to keep costs down while providing a top notch hosting infrastructure and network. Hedgehog is able to offer fully redundant network and power to ensure that no single point of failure will impact our clients' sites. In addition, Hedgehog monitors all sites 24/7 to spot potential problems before they occur.


Managed Services

Hedgehog provides a full suite of managed services so our clients do not have to worry about maintaining their own staff to manage their sites. Database administration, Systems administration, backup and recovery, monitoring and analysis are all taken care of by Hedgehog.


Custom Solutions

Hedgehog works closely with our clients to develop a custom solution that meets their unique needs. Our clients are never forced to adopt a solution that is too advanced. We keep costs down by ensuring that our clients never pay for equipment or services that they don't need. In addition, we maintain a small staff of experts, so you are always working with our top people.

We work with our clients on an ongoing basis to develop strategies for future growth, and to continuously monitor and evaluate their sites as they grow. All our solutions involve a cost/benefit analysis in partnership with our clients so that they can be sure their money is always being put to the best use.